My aunt and uncle won’t let me see my son. What do I do?

This a long story so I’ll keep it short. I was “tricked” into giving my son up for adoption when he was 5. I was in the Navy and my aunt & uncle were taking care of him while I was at sea. They basically told me that his birth father wanted to take custody of him and in order to prevent that, I should let them adopt him. They told me he would sign over his rights if I did too. I believed them because he was family and i was young and naive. Well when he was 8 they stopped letting me see him, (probably because I got married and had another child). I’ve been trying for years to have contact with him but when he was 14 he told me to leave him alone and because they weren’t helpful there was nothing I could do, so I’ve thought. Recently I came in contact with him, thank God, and he wants to rebuild our relationship. They will not allow him to see me. On top of that they are now divorced and not only that, they sent him to live with an older cousin, so he’s not even residing at their house. Is there anything we can do so that I can either get visitation or have him live with me? I never wanted to lose him and these last 8 years have been hell.

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